Breather Tube Heater/Oil Heater Kit, 120V (20kW)


  • Starting at $456.00* MSRP
  • Model Number GM110949-KP2-QS

*Starting price in US dollars. Does not include installation, generator, accessories or costs to export outside the US.

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Feel confident that your generator will perform in subfreezing weather with the KOHLER® Cold Weather Kit. Recommended for generators installed where the temperature regularly falls below 0°C (32°F), it’s designed to keep cold weather conditions from disrupting generator operation.


  • The breather tube and oil heater kit is recommended for improved cold starting in locations where the ambient temperature drops below 0°C (32°F).
  • The breather tube heater wraps around the crankcase breather tube below the air cleaner. The oil heater is inserted into the oil drain port and includes a port for the oil drain valve. The oil heater power cord connects to the breather tube heater.
  • Breather tube and oil heater kits are available in 120-volt versions. Kits include a 3-way extension cord to allow connection of multiple AC accessories.
  • Note: The heaters require a continuous source of AC power that is backed up by the generator set.