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One thing to keep in mind – this is not a DIY project. It all begins with a home visit from us.

We will help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and the best installation locations for your generator and transfer switch. Most installations take a day or two. And we will take care of it all. We’ll coordinate a team of licensed electricians and plumbers to make sure the job’s done right. Installation costs vary significantly from home to home due to the ease/difficulty of installing your fuel source (propane or natural gas). A simple installation can start at $2,000, but costs may be substantially more based on individual situations. We recommend a professional site survey for a more accurate quote.

Maintenance & Service:

Supporting homeowners after the purchase of a KOHLER® generator is an important part of providing a gracious living experience for anyone who comes in contact with our products.

  • We have factory-certified KOHLER service technicians on staff
  • We follow Kohler’s recommended maintenance schedule and file and maintain all warranty claims with Kohler
  • We recommend annual scheduled maintenance for peace of mind
  • Maintenance-plan customers receive priority service during outages

Our goal is to improve and enhance the quality of life for as many of our neighbors as possible. We value our community and continuously strive to maintain a premium level of service for our customers.