Run Common Fault Relay – 50 Hz, 8.5RES, 12RES, 18RES


  • Starting at $63.00* MSRP
  • Model Number GM53102-KP2

*Starting price in US dollars. Does not include generator, installation, automatic transfer switch or costs to export outside the US.

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Your installer can add optional relays to customer-provided equipment with a run/common fault relay kit.

  • Lets your contractor add custom options 


  • Provides two optional relays to control equipment: auxiliary run relay is energized when generator set is running; common fault relay is energized on fault, to trigger warning devices if fault occurs.
  • Each relay provides normally open and normally closed contacts for connection to customer’s equipment.
  • Use 14 AWG maximum wire for customer connections; obtain locally as required for the application.
  • Compatible with 8.5RES, 12RES and 18RES generator models.