Transfer Switch for Kohler Generators

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How does a transfer switch work?

Think of a transfer switch as a miniature circuit breaker panel that draws electricity from your generator instead of from the power company. When electric service is out in your area, you plug your portable generator into an outdoor outlet that’s connected, through the house, to a transfer switch inside. The switch itself is installed by an electrician, usually alongside … Read More

How much generator do I need?

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How Much Generator Do I Need for My House?

What size generator do I need? It’s an important question — and one you definitely want to ask before you shell out for a home backup generator that can keep your major appliances running during power outages. Proper whole-house generator sizing is important in meeting demands and avoiding excessive wear and tear on the machine. Below, we’ve broken down generator … Read More

OnCue Plus

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What is OnCue Plus?

We check our bank accounts, order lunch, and see who’s at our front door all from our smart phone. But did you know you can keep tabs on your KOHLER® standby generator from your phone or tablet? You can! With the KOHLER OnCue® Plus Generator Management System, you can check the status of your generator, start or stop an exercise, … Read More

Generator Fuel Costs

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Cost of Running A Generator On Natural Gas

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Generator On Natural Gas? During a power outage, a natural gas generator is your best friend. Without access to electricity from the grid, we have to burn natural gas to generate electricity. We looked into how much does it cost to run a generator on natural gas. The running cost of a generator … Read More

Welcome to R&T Power Systems

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Welcome to R&T Power Systems!

We are pleased to be able to welcome you to the new R&T Power Systems Website! We hope that you will find everything you need for your home, commercial and marine generator needs. Should you have any questions or if you would like to speak to one of our sales associates, please do not hesitate to call us today at … Read More

Benefits of a Whole Home Generator

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Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator

Lets talk about the benefits of a whole home generator. Think about what you would do if you lost power in your house for an extended period of time? You would have no lights, no appliances, the food in your refrigerator would be spoiled, and you can say goodbye to your electronics. Needless to say, power outages can cause extreme … Read More

Is a Whole Home Generator Worth it?

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Is a Whole House Generator Worth it?

If you are wondering whether a whole house generator will increase the value of your home, the answer is a resounding yes! It is worth it! But why, you ask? Well, apart from being an excellent temporary power source that will restore any power interruptions from the grid, a whole house generator will also increase the value of your property. … Read More

Why Kohler Generators

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Why Kohler Generators

Simply put, Kohler strives for excellence. Since 1920, they’ve been dedicated to building the best generators the world has to offer. A storied name in power and electricity for almost 100 years. Starting in 1920 with its first modern-day generator, it has cemented its place in technology’s history. Their generators have been a part of significant historical milestones such as … Read More